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Zeiss OPMI Sensera Operating Microscope on Zeiss S7 Base Unit

Zeiss OPMI Sensera Operating Microscope on Zeiss S7 Base Unit

Zeiss OPMI Sensera S7 Operating Microscope

ZEISS OPMI Sensera is an ideal surgical microscope for laser microsurgery, especially when equipped with the optionally available external fine focusing module, which keeps the laser and microscope focus synchronized during surgery. The OPMI Sensera surgical microscope on S7 suspension systems has been specially designed for use in ENT surgery.

The apochromatic optics of the microscope provide superb optical quality. The microscope image displays optimum contrast and excellent detail recognition along with outstanding depth of field and maximum 3D perception. The 1:6 ratio zoom system allows the magnification of the overall system to be set as required by the surgical procedure. You can use the surgical microscope with or without an integrated video camera. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between a PAL or an NTSC video system.

For the ear, precision is key:

ZEISS OPMI Sensera is optimized for the delicate and precise techniques demanded for surgical ear procedures. This surgical microscope offers a flexibility in positioning that also ensures high comfort for the extreme approaches often required for skull base surgeries.

Just follow your nose

Varioskop® optics, combined with the tiltable tube, enable the surgeon to maintain an ergonomic posture, particularly in paranasal sinus surgery, where the working distance changes frequently. Surgeons can also refocus at the push of a button and easily adjust the spot size of the illumination to see down narrow nasal passages.

Preserving functionality in throat procedures

CO2  lasers are often used in surgery on the larynx. Because it is so compact, ZEISS OPMI Sensera makes it possible to operate comfortably while achieving the necessary approach angles for laser microsurgery. The optional external fine focus allows surgeons to synchronize the focus of the surgical microscope and the laser without disrupting the procedure.


Foldable Tube f170/f260 allows for a wide range of comfortable working positions.

High-performance xenon illumination for high demands and professional documentation.

The stereo co-observation tube ensures that the assistant also enjoys a crisp, brilliant image.

VisionGuard® drape lens for genuine optical ZEISS quality in sterile working environments.

Digital visualization:

Interface for integration of conventional laser micromanipulators.

1Chip HD Camera with apochromatic video optics.


Electrically controlled microscope:

  • Smooth adjustment of zoom and focus
  • Adjustment of zoom and focus displacement speed
  • Smooth light adjustment


  • Zoom adjustment:
    • 200 mm: 3x - 18,2x
    • 415 mm: 1,9x - 10,9x
  • Magnification of the eyepieces: 12,5x
  • Inclined binocular head with adjustable angle from 0 to 180 degrees
  • Objective lens focal length: f = 200 mm – 415 mm (Varioskop)
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Main illumination: Xenon 180W
  • Emergency lamp: Xenon 180W
  • Power supply: 115/230 V / 50-60 Hz
  • The microscope is in excellent condition. 

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