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Valleylab LigaSure - 8 Electrosurgical Unit

Valleylab LigaSure - 8 Electrosurgical Unit

The Unit includes the following.

  • Ligasure Footswitch

The Valleylab LigaSure vessel sealing system gives you something no other electrosurgical tool can, permanent vessel occlusion. The Valleylab LigaSure system's revolutionary technology replaces almost all other hemostatic tools because it doesn't just ligate vessels, it actually fuses vessel walls to create a permanent seal.

Valleylab Ligasure Configuration:

  • Vessel Sealing
  • Bipolar Modes

Valleylab Ligasure Features

  • Provides a combination of pressure and energy to create vessel fusion
  • Permanently fuses vessels up to and including 7 mm in diameter and tissue bundles without dissection or isolation
  • Average seal cycle is 2 to 4 seconds
  • Seals withstand 3 times normal systolic blood pressure
  • Feedback-controlled response system automatically discontinues energy delivery when the seal cycle is complete, eliminating the guesswork

The Diathermy is in excellent physical condition.
The unit powers on and passes the self-test.
Our team of product experts ensures that each system is in excellent condition 
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