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Valleylab Force 2 Electrosurgical Generator

Valleylab Force 2 Electrosurgical Generator

Valleylab Force 2 Electrosurgical Generator

The Valleylab Force 2 electrosurgical unit is a long-standing workhorse and provides cutting and coagulation in monopolar or bipolar outputs. The generator has audible and visual alarms, including REM Fault Indicator. The REM™ (Return Electrode Monitoring) is standard. 300 watts is available for output in the cut setting.  

Valleylab Force 2 known for:

  • High Power Digital ESU.
  • High-performance capabilities in a multipurpose generator
  • Provides flexibility through varying degrees of homeostasis
  • The operator can choose one of three preset modes: simultaneous independent coagulation, low voltage coagulation and Valleylab REM safety, which substantially reduces the risk of patient burns at the return electrode site.

Valleylab Force 2 Features

  • Blended Cut Modes
  • Simultaneous Independent Coagulation
  • Low Voltage Coagulation
  • REM™ Safety

The Diathermy is in excellent physical condition.
The unit powers on and passes the self-test.
Our team of product experts ensures that each system is in excellent condition 
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