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Spacelab Ultraview SL 91369 Monitor

Spacelab Ultraview SL 91369 Monitor

Spacelabs 91369 Ultraview SL Compact Monitor has a large 10.4 inch touchscreen display. Like the 90369, this unit uses dual-battery slots which make this Ultraview very portable. All prior and current Spacelabs modules are compatible with the 91369. The 91369 monitor is a lightweight, portable monitor designed for use as a compact bedside monitor or as a battery-operated transport monitor. The monitor features a five-wire, resistive touchscreen and can be operated on either AC mains or battery power. The single-high module slot on the right side of the monitor accepts all single-high modules, including the 90496 Ultraview® Command module and 91496 Ultraview SL™ Command module, to permit the monitoring of parameters such as electrocardiography (ECG), pulse oximetry (SpO2), temperature, and invasive pressure.

Key Features:

  • User Interface All controls are on-screen touch keys, with the exception of the power (ON/OFF) key; optional controls include mouse, keyboard, and remote control
  • Display Color thin film transistor (TFT) resistive touchscreen liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Parameter Capacity Provides three times the number of waveforms purchased, up to a maximum of 18 parameters
  • Alarm Limit Review Provides a snapshot view of bedside alarm limits for all active parameters; this feature is only available with specific Ultraview SL modules
  • Built-in Alarm Light Provides multi-color visual alarm notification based upon alarm severity
  • Trends Displays 24 hours of graphic and tabular trend data for any bed on the network
  • Configurable Patient ID Biomed-level administration tool; enables configuration of the patient demographic information displayed in public views. For example: Remote View, Alarm Watch, Full Bed Review, and central monitor waveform zones
  • Network Communication 10/ 100 BaseT modular connector (RJ45) provided; supports interactive bed-to-bed communications
  • Connectors Three standard USB 1.1 connectors (keyboard, mouse or barcode scanner), synchronous data link control (SDLC for Flexport systems or module housings), RJ45 (10/100BaseT Ethernet), remote alarm light, VGA output (video), RS-232 serial connector
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