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Quantel Medical Cataract and Glaucoma Laser Optimis II including SLT (selective laser) Solutis

Quantel Medical Cataract and Glaucoma Laser Optimis II including SLT (selective laser) Solutis

OPTIMIS II from Quantel Medical is a laser dedicated to the treatment of two specific pathologies:

  • Acute closed-angle glaucoma
  • secondary cataract.

This simple-to-use laser can be used for the following treatments :

  • Iridotomy for cases of acute angle closure glaucoma
  • Capsulotomy for cases of secondary cataract

This laser has a "mechanical" effect on tissues referred to as photo disruption

Key Features:

Power: The laser has a continuous power reserve for precision-cutting any type of structure:

  • 2-3 pulse burst mode
  • 10 KHz shot rate
  • Energy adjustable up to 10 Mj

Performance: Optimis II can be used for photodisruption of the densest membranes at the lowest energy output
The perfect combination:

  • Constant pulse duration of 4 nanoseconds
  • 10 µm spot diameter
  • Minimum energy from 0.5 mJ

High-precision: Treatments are performed in total safety.

  • Dual-aiming beam for fast, accurate focusing on the capsule's focal plane
  • Impact point offset by 30 to 200 µm behind the focal plane


A true slit lamp: Optimis II is an integrated laser solution. The laser is supplied with a true slit lamp (better quality illumination)

  • Usability
  • A central control screen lets you view settings during treatment :
  • Energy levels
  • Standby/ready modes
  • Defocalization and focusing beam can be adjusted directly on the slit lamp

Couple the Optimis II with Quantel Medical laser range :


  • Vitra: 532 nm green laser
  • Supra: 532 nm green laser with 2 independent ports (Optional wavelength 810 nm or 660 nm)


  • Solutis: SLT laser
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