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Olympus GIF-H260 Gastroscope

Olympus GIF-H260 Gastroscope

The Olympus GIF H260 Gastroscope features a HDTV-compatible CCD for superior image performance and resolution. Ideal for detecting small lesions with high precision and quality.

Features include an accurate HDTV image, 9.8mm distal tube, 2.8mm instrument channel, and 140° field of view for comprehensive upper digestive tract examination. • 


for endoscopy and endoscopic surgery within the upper digestive tract (including the esophagus,

stomach, and duodenum).

Compatible with: 

  • CV 260 
  • CV 260SL

The scope specification:

Optical System              

Field Of View :    140º

Direction Of View:         Forward

Depth Of Field:  3-100mm

Insertion Tube:

IT Diameter:        9.8mm


Up:          210º

Down:    90º

Right:     100º

Left:        100º


Working Length:               1030 mm

Total Length:      1350 mm

Biopsy Channel:              

Channel Size:    208 mm

Our team of product experts ensures that the endoscope is in excellent condition and functioning properly. Scope was tested with compatible system and produces clear images. The angulation of the scope is Good. Insertion tube is in Good condition. It passes the leakage test. 

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