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Olympus Evis Exera II CV 180 Endoscopy System with GIF Q180 & CF H180AL

Olympus Evis Exera II CV 180 Endoscopy System with GIF Q180 & CF H180AL

Olympus Evis Exera II CV 180 Endoscopy System

The unit comes with the following:

  • Olympus Evis Exera II CV 180 Processor
  • Olympus Evis Exera II CLV 180 Light Source
  • OEV 261H 26inch HD Monitor
  • Pigtail MAJ 1430
  • CF H180AL Colonoscope 
  • GIF Q180 Gastroscope
  • Water bottle MAJ 901
  • Olympus KV-5 Suction Unit 
  • Olympus OFP Flushing Pump
  • Sony printer
  • Olympus MAJ 1428 Keyboard


  • Equipped with High-resolution HDTV and Narrow Band Imaging capabilities to provide the best possible image quality for endoscopes and laparoscopes, enhancing observation of capillaries and mucosal tissues.
  • Compatible with EVIS 100/130/140 series and Evis Exera 160 series endoscopes in addition to Evis Exera II 180 series model as well as bronchoscopes and surgical endoscopes and (EndoEye scopes flexible Visera videoscopes, and Visera 1CCD/OTV-SP1 3CCD camera heads)
  • NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) to enhance the visibility of capillaries and other structures on the mucosal surface (only for GI)
  • Two types of structure enhancement are available- the original Type A for observation of larger mucosal structures with high contrast and the new Type B for observation of smaller structures, such as capillaries.
  • Electronic magnification enlarges moving images at the touch of a button on the scope or on the keyboard by 1.2X or 1.5X
  • HD/SD SDI output for high quality video image intensifier.
  • Convenient digital to digital recording of both the still and moving images Still images are stored on at xD card actually guard via the PC card adapter and moving images are stored on digital video recorders why IEEE 1394 (DV interface) using remote control switches
  • Convenient index display for documentation
  • picture in picture VIP display BIP display BIP display PIP display for any combination offenders copy images for endoscopic images fluoroscopic images, ultrasound images, laparoscopic images and images from the endoscope position-detecting unit
  • scope ID function for easier endoscopic suite management and for next generation system expansion

The System Powers on and produces excellent images, when tested with Endoscope.

The System is in Excellent Condition.
Our team of product experts ensures that each system is in excellent condition and produces stunning images when tested with a telescope.
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