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Medtronic AEX Generator 40-405-1 - Plasmablade Aquamantys

Medtronic AEX Generator 40-405-1 - Plasmablade Aquamantys

Medtronic AEX Generator 40-405-1 - Plasmablade Aquamantys

The Medtronic AEX Generator is a radio-frequency electrosurgical generator. The AEX Generator can power both monopolar and bipolar handpieces simultaneously. The generator delivers RF energy to the handpiece for cutting and coagulation of soft tissues.

RF Power:

The AEX™ Generator has power settings in 5 watt increments from 20 to 100 Watts and 10 watt increments from 100 to 220 Watts for delivering Bipolar RF power and saline, as well as Monopolar Cut, Coag, and Transcollation RF energy with a maximum power output of 90 Watts. Handpieces powered by the PlasmaBlade™ port have preset settings, while Aquamantys™ handpieces require instructions for use.

Easily deliver RF power and saline to compatible handpieces with the AEX™ Generator and proper handpiece connection and activation. 

Saline Flow Rate Setting:

The saline flow rate setting is determined based on the power setting and the selection of one of three possible flow rate settings: Low, Medium, and High. The three possible saline flow rates for each power setting are preset automatically in order to provide the optimal saline flow for a given power setting.


The AEX™ Generator has a convenient one touch priming function which automatically primes the Trans collation handpiece with saline prior to use after the device has been correctly connected to the unit. This function is activated by pressing the “PRIME” button on the unit.

Electrosurgical Modes:

The AEX™ Generator operates in the following modes:

Cut Modes (Monopolar)

Low Cut (Peak Cut) – Precision cutting with minimal hemostasis and minimal collateral damage.

Medium Cut (Pure Cut) – Precision cutting with increased hemostasis and collateral damage.         

High Cut (Blend Mode) – Precision cutting with strong hemostasis

Coagulation Modes (Monopolar)

Coagulation increases with higher settings.

Low Coag (Pinpoint)  

High Coag (Spray)

Hemostatic Sealing Modes (Monopolar or Bipolar)  

Simultaneous delivery of RF energy with saline for hemostatic sealing of soft tissue and bone.

AEX Generator is used for following surgical procedures:

AEX Generator is intended for general, plastic, and reconstructive surgery, ENT, Gynecologic, Orthopedic, Arthroscopic, Spinal, and Neurological procedures.

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