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Maquet Servo I ICU Ventilator

Maquet Servo I ICU Ventilator

The Ventilator comes with:

  • Expiratory Cassettes

Servo-i delivers a high level of clinical performance for a variety of situations and for all patients. This helps clinicians provide cost-effective care throughout the hospital.
Servo ventilators equipped with NAVA can display your patient's diaphragm activity on screen, so you can improve patient-ventilator synchrony and comfort. This can lead to reduced need for sedation, fewer complications and shorter weaning periods.

Basic configurations are available:

  • SERVO-i Infant,
  • SERVO-i Adult,
  • SERVO-i Universal for all patient categories.

Key Features:

  • Non-invasive ventilation (NIV)
  • Pressure Regulated Volume Control:
  • Nasal CPAP
  • Volume Support:
  • Bi-Vent
  • Mainstream CO2 measurement:
  • Stress Index

Why Maquet Servo I ventilator

SERVO-i is a single system offering a broad range of treatment options, which means it is always ready to adapt to your changing clinical needs. Up-time is maximized thanks to the following features:

  • Same system for invasive and non-invasive ventilation of adult, pediatric and neonatal patients, at the bedside and during transport and MR examinations
  • Interchangeable modules can be used on all SERVO-i systems (CO2 Analyzer, Y Sensor and Edi plug-in modules, batteries, expiratory cassettes)
  • Plug-in modules and extra batteries can be inserted/ removed during ventilation
  • Quick automatic pre-use check of entire system including breathing circuit 

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