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Karl Storz 20133120 Xenon 300 Light source

Karl Storz 20133120 Xenon 300 Light source

    Storz Xenon 300 - 20133120 Features
    The Karl Storz 20133120 Cermax xenon lamp by Excelitas is the xenon light source of choice for fiber optic illumination applications such as endoscopy and surgical headlamps. This is a 300 watt xenon arc surgical endoscope medical bulb with a parabolic reflector. The PE300BF light bulb has a 1000 hour life expectancy and a warranty period for up to 500 hours.

    • 300 Watt Xenon bulb
    • video in/out BNC sockets
    • 6-pin Mini-Din-sockets for optional SCB interface

    The Light Source  is in Excellent Condition.
    Our team of product experts ensures that each system is in excellent condition and produces stunning images when tested with a Telescope.
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