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Hamilton Medical Galileo ICU Ventilator

Hamilton Medical Galileo ICU Ventilator

The Unit Includes the following:

  • Trolley
  • Circuit Arm
  • Hoses
  • Expiratory valve
  • Flow sensor

The GALILEO Gold and the classic GALILEO are HAMILTON MEDICAL’s full-functioned intensive care ventilators. A clinically complete ventilation solution, the GALILEO family offers a full spectrum of modalities, from the conventional to closed loop ventilation

Ventilation Modes:

  • (S)CM: Synchronized controlled mandatory ventilation.
  • SIMV: Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation.
  • Volume Support
  • APVcmv: Adaptive Pressure Ventilation – Controlled Mechanical Ventilation
  • APVsimv: Adaptive pressure ventilation-synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation
  • P-CMV: Pressure-controlled mode of ventilation
  • P-SIMV: Partial Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation
  • DuoPAP: Duo positive airway pressure
  • APRV: Airway pressure release ventilation
  • SPONT: Spontaneous mode
  • ASV: Assisted Support ventilation
  • TRC: Tube resistance compensation (only in Gold)
  • P/V Tool® (only in Gold)

Why Hamilton Galileo ventilator

A single device is all you’ll need when you ventilate with the GALILEO. Not only does it cover the whole spectrum of patients, but it also offers a full range of ventilation capabilities. As your patient’s condition improves and their ventilation needs change, the GALILEO adapts – its invasive and noninvasive modes serve the patient from intubation through extubation.

  • Full spectrum of ventilation capabilities
  • Patient-oriented monitoring
  • Extensive monitoring package
  • Ergonomic user interface
  • Intrahospital transport capability
  • P/V Tool Pro for lung assessment and recruitment

The unit Powers On and completes the Self Test
The unit is in Excellent Condition.
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