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GE E-sCAiOV Module with Spirometry Option and D-fend Pro Water Trap

GE E-sCAiOV Module with Spirometry Option and D-fend Pro Water Trap

E-sCAIOV Module provides measurements of airway gases, anesthetic agents with agent identification, Patient Spirometry and Gas Exchange. The CARESCAPE Respiratory module is a single width plug-in modules. When monitoring neonatal or other patients that have high respiration rate or low tidal volume this module shall be used within the limits of respiration rates and tidal volume. Automatic compensation for atmospheric pressure variation, temperature, and CO2, O2, N2O, agent cross effect compensation. Parameter display update interval typically breath-by-breath. This module is in very compact size, low weight and low power consumption.

Letters in the module name stand for:

s = Single-width module

C = CO2 and N2O

A = Anesthetic agents  

I = Agent identification

O = Patient O2

V = Patient Spirometry

System compatibility

The CARESCAPE Respiratory Modules can be used for respiratory monitoring in the following systems:

  • CARESCAPE Monitor B850
  • CARESCAPE Monitor B650
  • CARESCAPE Monitor B450 (gas exchange measurement not supported).


  • Airway gases measured by the sidestream method
  • Eight module versions available to meet the needs of various care areas
  • All parameter values sampled proximal at the patient s airway with a single gas sampling line, D lite(+)(++) or Ped ilite(+) flow sensor, along with an additional Spirometry tube
  • Et and Fi values updated breath by breath
  • Fast oxygen measurement for accurate EtO2 and FiO2 values
  • Automatic identification of anesthetic agents
  • Detects end inspiratory and end expiratory occlusions automatically and displays values for Statis Plat, Static PEEPi+e and Static Compliance
  • Calculated balance gas value for estimating the N2-concentration

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