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GE E-PRESTN-00 Module Including ECG, SpO2, T1, T2, P1, P2 and NIBP

GE E-PRESTN-00 Module Including ECG, SpO2, T1, T2, P1, P2 and NIBP

A multiparameter module which can measure ECG, two Invasive blood pressures, SpO2, two Temperatures, Non-invasive blood pressure and Impedance Respiration.

(Basic measures of cardiovascular function, such as arterial pressure or cardiac output.)

Letters in the module name stand for:
E- PRESTN Measures

  • P = Invasive Pressures
  • R = Respiration
  • E = ECG (Electrocardiography)
  • S = SpO2
  • T = Temperature
  • N = NIBP

Monitor software compatibility:

Datex-Ohmeda E-PRESTN Rev. 00 module is designed for use with Datex-Ohmeda monitors using software as follows:

  • AM: L-ANE04(A) or later versions
  • CCM: L-ICU04(A) or later versions
  • CAM: L-CANE04(A) or later versions
  • CCCM: L-CICU04(A) or later versions

The difference between M Series (Black) Modules and E Series (White) Modules are simply that E-Series is the later type which comes with GE Patient connectors, rectangular as opposed to round, in the M Series Modules.

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