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GE E-miniC CO2 Airway Module M1027973

GE E-miniC CO2 Airway Module M1027973

The E-miniC Module is a single-width, plug-in module. The module is intended for use for patients weighing over 5 kg (11 lb) only. It displayed values updated breath by breath. It inspired and end-tidal CO2 values are displayed on the screen as waveforms and in numerical format. Accommodates water separation system which is lightweight and has good tolerance for tilting.

GE E-miniC CO2 Module Features:

  • CO2 side-stream measurement done at the patient’s airway
  • Very small and reliable measurement technology
  • Inspired and end-tidal CO2 values displayed on the screen as waveforms and in numerical format
  • Full numerical and graphical trends of all measured data
  • Measurement of respiration rate up to 80 breaths per minute
  • Fast response time
  • Wide measurement range for CO2
  • Adjustable high and low alarm limits for EtCO2 and FiCO2
  • Manual adjustment for N2O and O2 allowed for improved
  • CO2 measurement accuracy
  • Accommodates water separation system, which is lightweight, and has good tolerance for tilting

Module is compatible with:

It is only compatible with GE monitors that can take the E-series modules.

  • GE B40 Anesthesia Monitor
  • GE B125 Anesthesia Monitor
  • GE B450 Anesthesia Monitor
  • GE B650 Anesthesia Monitor
  • GE B850 Anesthesia Monitor

Module weight and dimension:
(H x W x D) 11.2 x 3.7 x 20.9 cm  
Weight 0.4 kg (0.9 lb.)

The module is in excellent cosmetic condition.
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