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GE E-CAiOV-00 Gas Module Including Spirometry and D-fend Water Trap

GE E-CAiOV-00 Gas Module Including Spirometry and D-fend Water Trap

GE E-CAIOV Module is a compact Airway double width plug-in modules. E- CAIOV Compact Airway module provides airway and respiratory measurements. It works with GE module rack and internal module rack on GE Monitors with compatible software.  This CARESCAPE Module E-CAIO is a 5 Agent Gas Module used with GE Datex Ohmeda Monitors S5 and other Compact GE Monitors. This Module is designed to measure Oxygen O2, CO2, N2O, Patient Spirometry, and 5 Anesthetic Agents.

Letters in the module name stand for:

C = CO2 and N2O

A = Anesthetic agents  

I = Agent identification

O = Patient O2

V = Patient Spirometry

Front of Compact Airway Module:

  • D-fend water trap
  • Sampling line connector
  • Water trap latch
  • Oxygen reference gas inlet
  • Sample gas outlet
  • Cooling fan with dust filter


  • Airway gases measured by the side stream method
  • Calculated balance gas values
  • All parameter values sampled proximal at the patient‘s airway with a single gas sampling line, D-lite(+)* or Pedi-lite(+) flow sensor, along with an additional Spirometry tube
  • Anesthesia- and critical care-specific water separation systems to support care area workflow
  • Numerical and graphical trends of measured data available together with parameters on the monitor‘s screen to support multiparameter-based clinical decision making
  • Detects end inspiratory and end expiratory occlusions automatically and calculates values for Static Plat, Static PEEPi+e and Static Compliance

The difference between M Series (Black) Modules and E Series (White) Modules are simply that E-Series is the later type which comes with GE Patient connectors, rectangular as opposed to round, in the M Series Modules.

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