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GE Datex Ohmeda Avance CS2 Anaesthesia Machine

GE Datex Ohmeda Avance CS2 Anaesthesia Machine

The Machine includes the following:

GE Carescape B650 Anesthesia Monitor

Hoses (Air, Nitrous, Oxygen, AGSS)

Central Vacuum regulator and hose

The GE Avance CS2 is a compact anesthesia machine that can be an integrated Carestation. The system utilizes anesthesia delivery, patient monitoring, and data management in one machine. In addition, the Avance CS2 anesthesia machine offers ventilation capabilities and uses the GE 7900 Smartvent ventilator with the system. This allows the system to quickly and accurately combine anesthetic gases quickly when the situation occurs. The Advanced Breathing System in the Avance System helps reduce the number of tubing connections and circuit volume from the machine.

Vaporizer: The Avance CS2 uses the Tec series of vaporizers

  • Tec 6
  • Tec 6 Plus
  • Tec 7


The Avance CS2 boasts a 15-inch color touchscreen display, which offers quick access to menus and additional settings. There are additional buttons on the touchscreen that can be used for the most commonly used functions.

System Switch:

Used to turn the system on and off. When the system is turned on, the display will show the power-up screen and the system does a series of automated self-tests.

Anesthesia Display:

 The anesthesia display is used throughout the anesthesia delivery process and allows the clinician to interact with the system. The display also provides real-time patient data.

AGSS (Anesthesia Gas Scavenging System):

The scavenging system is designed to safely remove excess gas from the anesthesia machine.

Advanced Breathing System (ABS*)

The Advanced Breathing System (ABS) helps ensure fast circuit response to assist clinicians with anesthesia delivery.

Speed: Responds to fresh gas changes rapidly even during low flow anesthesia.

Simplicity: Intuitive user interface uses single touch points for activating ventilation.

Standardization: The same breathing system can be used in Aespire or Avance platforms increasing standardization between operating rooms.


EcoFLOW is an optional display that shows oxygen flow and anesthetic agent usage in real-time. Clinicians can adjust oxygen flow and avoid high gas rates using the visual and cost information provided.

User configurable 'Quick Picks' for rapid selection of FiO2 and total flow combinations.

ecoFLOW Benefits:

  • For the Patient: Helps your patient care with inspired oxygen target concentration data.
  • Economical: Using less agent means spending less money, which can have a positive impact on your bottom line when waste gases are reduced.
  • Ecological: Efficient, low flow can help reduce agent and gas waste.

Exceptional Design:

  • Central brake
  • Top shelf mounting rails
  • Metal work surface
  • Movable display arm for inbound and outboard positioning
  • Two or three vaporizer positions
  • Bi-level work surface illumination

Ventilation Options:

  • With 'Flow Power Inside' our ventilator engine can ventilate all patient types from neonates to large adults
  • Sophisticated mechanical ventilation and assisted ventilation options including synchronised PCV-VG with pressure support (SIMV PCV-VG) and minimum rate ventilation (CPAP+PSV)
  • Vital capacity and Cycling lung ventilation procedures

Ventilation Operating Modes:

VCV: (Volume Control) Mode with tidal volume compensation

PCV: Pressure Control Ventilation

PCV-VG: (Pressure Controlled Ventilation-Volume Guaranteed)

SIMV VCV: (Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation - volume control ventilation)

SIMV PCV: (Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation – pressure control ventilation)

 SIMV PCV-VG: (Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation – pressure control ventilation – volume guaranteed)

PSVPro: (Pressure support ventilation with apnea backup)

CPAP + PSV: (Continuous positive airway pressure + pressure support ventilation)

The machine delivers complete ventilation cycles when tested with the medical gases.

The anesthesia machine was tested with medical air and test lung and complete ventilation cycles were observed.

Our team of Qualified Biomedical Engineers ensure that the machine is in excellent working condition.
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