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Fujinon EC 600 ZW-L Colonoscope

Fujinon EC 600 ZW-L Colonoscope


The EC-600ZW/L Video Colonoscope is equipped with the latest CMOS image sensor technology which provides super high-resolution imaging with 60p video, and over one megapixel still images. CMOS technology provides images as close as 2mm with less peripheral distortion, enabling closer investigation of surface and micro vascular patterns. The 600 Series represents an advanced diagnostic tool with a host of features including a modified insertion tube design , water jet function and more.


HD 60P CMOS technology allows for smooth and clear video, even at high megapixels. The progressive scanning method also produces high-definition and less blurry still images.


FICE technology produces sharper, clearer images by using higher resolution and improved noise reduction to differentiate between lesion-affected and non-affected tissue.


Create advanced observations and accurate diagnoses with Fujinon EC- 600WL Video Colonoscope's high-definition image produced by an adapted CMOS sensor with leading-edge technology that reduces noise for brilliant results.

Water Jet:

The gastroscope and colonoscope have a water jet function for improved observation and therapy.

Close Focus:

Improved close focus with CMOS technology for enhanced image diagnosis. High performance optical system allows for 2 mm observation and reduced distortion. Combines with a megapixel CMOS sensor for versatile observation capabilities.


Field of view :

Normal: 140° / Closest: 56°

Observation Range : 1.5-100 mm, Normal: 3-100 mm, Closest: 1.5-2.5 mm

Distal end Diameter : 12.8mm

Flexible portion Diameter : 12.8mm

Bending Capability : UP 180° / Down 180° Right160° / Left 160°

Working Length : 1690mm

Total Length : 1990mm

Forceps Channel Diameter : 3.8mm

Our team of product experts ensures that the endoscope is in excellent condition and functioning properly. Scope was tested with compatible system and produces clear images. The angulation of the scope is Good. Insertion tube is in Good condition. It passes the leakage test. 

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