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Fujinon 4450 HD Endoscopy System with EG 600WR Gastroscope and EC600WL Colonoscope

Fujinon 4450 HD Endoscopy System with EG 600WR Gastroscope and EC600WL Colonoscope

The system includes the following 

  • Fujinon 4450HD Endoscope system
  • Fujinon VP-4450HD Processor
  • Fujinon XL-4450 Light Source
  • Fujifilm GW-100 Endoscopic CO2 regulator
  • Fujinon Balloon Controller PB-20
  • Fujinon Keyboard and Radiance NDS Widescreen Monitor
  • EC 600WL Colonoscope
  • EG 600WR Gastroscope 

The Fujinon 4450 HD video processor offers you brilliant HDTV picture quality and thus the highest level of details, The integrated FICE technology gives you completely new possibilities in virtual chromoendoscopy.

Due to digital outputs DVI and HD-SDI and the integrated DICOM function, the processor can be optimally integrated into the network.

Key Features 

  • HDTV circuits and Super-CCD technology ensure excellent picture quality.
  • The FICE dual mode enables the simultaneous display of white light and FICE images on one screen.
  • DICOM on-board ensures perfect integration into your network.
  • Make process intuitive and easy with Advanced Workflow
  • Razor-sharp images thanks to the anti-blur function

The System Powers on and produces excellent images, when tested with Endoscope.

The System is in Excellent Condition.
Our team of product experts ensures that each system is in excellent condition and produces stunning images when tested with a telescope.
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