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Fuijinon 4400HD Endoscopy system with EC 530FL Colonoscope EG 530WR Gastroscope

Fuijinon 4400HD Endoscopy system with EC 530FL Colonoscope EG 530WR Gastroscope

The system includes the following. 

  • Fujinon 4400HD Endoscope system
  • Fujinon 4400HD Processor
  • Fujinon 4400 Light Source
  • Fujinon Keyboard and EUK 26 Inch Monitor 
  • EC 530FL Colonoscope 
  • EG 530WR Gastroscope 
  • Endoscopes have been fully Serviced and in Patient Ready Condition
  • Excellent Image Quality
  • Angulation fully calibrated   
  • Original Insertion tube in Very Good condition
  • Leakage Test : Passed
  • Air/Water channel working
  • With air water valves and case

Fujinon EC 530FL Colonoscope:

Distal end Diameter                   :         12.8 mm
Field of view                                :         140°
Bending Capability                     :          UP 180° / Down 180, Right 160° / Left 160°
Working Length                          :         1690 mm
Forceps Channel Diameter       :          3.8 mm

Fujinon EG 530WR Gastroscope:

Field of view                                :         140°
Distal end Diameter                   :         9.4mm
Bending Capability                     :         UP 210° / Down 90° ,  Right100° / Left 100°
Working Length                          :         1100mm
Forceps Channel Diameter       :        2.8 mm

The 4400 employs Fujinon's unique new form of automatic light control. This new advanced system reduces light halation and provides images that are easier on the physician's eyes. The processor incorporates a buffer memory whose capacity is more than enough for images of one examination regardless of compression rates..

Key Features

  • Blood Vessel Enhancement (BLV) Function
  • Automatic Light Control (ALC) illumination Adjustment Function
  • Integrated Compact Flash Media Card Slot
  • Internal Image Storage Capacity
  • Examination switch
  • FICE compatibility

The System Powers on and produces excellent images, when tested with Endoscope.

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