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Ethicon Endo-Surgery EC60 Echelon60 Endoscopic Linear Cutter-Straight NEW

Ethicon Endo-Surgery EC60 Echelon60 Endoscopic Linear Cutter-Straight NEW

Ethicon Endo-surgery Echelon 60 Endoscopic Linear Cutter-Straight REF: EC60

The EC60 Echelon Endoscopic Linear Cutter-Straight Staplers is designed to deliver reliable performance across a wide range of tissue types and thicknesses on a one-handed, easy-to-use platform. The ECHELON families of endoscopic linear cutters (articulating and straight) are intended for transection, resection, and/or creation of anastomoses. it can be used with tissue buttressing materials. The instrument may also be used for transection and resection of liver parenchyma (hepatic vasculature and biliary structures), pancreas, kidney and spleen.

The ENDO-SURGERY EC60 Echelon is compatible with:

  •  Ethicon Gen11 Endo surgery Generator

The instruments have application in multiple open or minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Procedural applications include:

  • General
  • Gynecologic
  • Urologic
  • Thoracic
  • Pediatric


  • Product Group:   Endocutters
  • Category:   Surgical Stapling
  • Brand:   ECHELON FLEX™
  • Staple:   Technology B-Form
  • Device:   Technology Natural Articulation
  • Size:   60mm
  • Length:  34cm
  • Max Firings:  12

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