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Erbe VIO 200D Electrosurgical Unit with Footswitch On Cart

Erbe VIO 200D Electrosurgical Unit with Footswitch On Cart

The Unit includes the following:

  • Footswitch
  • Trolley

The VIO 200D  is user-friendly and can be plugged in and ready to go.

The VIO 200D offers low dosages of power for both cut and coagulation modes.

Maximum cut power (VIO 200 D)

(200 watts at 500 Ohm 

Frequency (350 kHz)

Use of Erbe VIO 200D (clinic ORs , specialist surgical ORs)

  • Gynecology
  • Urology
  • General surgery
  • ENT
  • Orthopedics
  • Dermatology

Features Cutting and Coagulation:

Cutting  Modes:

AUTO CUT (Standard mode for cutting)

ARGON AUTO CUT (Mode for argon-supported cutting)

PRECISE CUT (very fine cutting with precise power)

ENDO CUT I (Fractionated cutting mode for papillotomy or
other needle / wire applications in endoscopy)

ENDO CUT Q (endoscopic polypectomy with a snare.
Fractionated cutting and coagulation cycles)

BIPOLAR PRECISE CUT (Ideal for microsurgery)

BIPOLAR CUT | BIPOLAR CUT (Provide fast, controlled, and precise surgical resection for the prostate, bladder, or uterus with low energy application.)


 Coagulation and Devitalization Modes:

SWIFT COAG (Swift and efficient coagulation with strong hemostatic properties, ideal for exposing critical areas.)

FORCED COAG ( Achieve hemostasis and devitalize surfaces during endoscopy or surgery with non-contact APC coagulation technology)

SOFT COAG ( Deep penetrating coagulation without carbonization)

BICLAMP (vessel sealing Increase effectiveness with BiClamp's current)

BIPOLAR FORCED COAG (Improved standard coagulation with moderate hemostasis)

BIPOLAR PRECISE COAG (Ideal for microsurgery)

The VIO 200D Powers on and complete the self Test.
Display panel and controls are in good working order and the patient return plate indicator / alarm are also functional.
Patient return plate monitoring circuit is functional
Our team of product experts ensures that each machine is in excellent condition.
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