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Erbe ICC 200 (ESU) with Footswitch

Erbe ICC 200 (ESU) with Footswitch

The Unit includes the following:

  • Footswitch

    The Erbe ICC 200 has a variety of coagulation cutting modes:

    Modes of Cutting and Coagulation:

    • Auto Cut (Automatic open and closed loop control system, cutting quality that is guaranteed to be able to be reproducible and consistent)
    • Endo Cut (For use with snare wires and sphincterotomes)
    • Forced Coagulation ( Unique and efficient way to stop the flow of blood by creating sparks with with small surface electrodes, such as TUR resection loops)
    • Soft Coagulation (Can be activated by key or Pedal attached to the machine)
    • Bipolar Coagulation (Offers consistence cutting control, the voltage is lower than 200Vp)

    Display panel and controls are in good working order and the patient return plate indicator / alarm are also functional.

    Monopolar cut and Bipolar functions are working with RF outputs within the expected ranges.

    Our team of product experts ensures that each machine is in excellent condition.
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