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Drager Primus Infinity Empowered Anesthesia Machine

Drager Primus Infinity Empowered Anesthesia Machine

The Machine includes the following:

  • CO2 Absorber with disposable canister
  • Hoses (Air, Nitrous, Oxygen, AGSS)
  • Central Vacuum regulator and hose

The Drager Primus Infinity Empowered Machine offers

  • Advanced anaesthesia workstation
  • Quick and intuitive operation
  • Designed for minimal- and low-flow anaesthesia
  • Precise ventilation from neonates to adults
  • ICU standard ventilation
  • Innovative RFID technology

    E-Vent® plus high-speed electronic piston ventilator, the Primus delivers just that – peak flow comparable to ICU ventilators while avoiding the need for drive gas. A full range of volume and pressure oriented modes provides the various options for every clinical situation

    Ventilation Modes

    • Manual ventilation
    • Spontaneous ventilation
    • IPPV Volume Mode ventilation
    • PCV Pressure Mode ventilation
    • SIMV Synchronized volume-guaranteed ventilation volume AF, optionally with PS
    • Synchronized volume-guaranteed ventilation volume AF, optionally with PS
    • CPAP


    Inspiratory and expiratory concentration of O2, N2O, CO2 as well as anaesthetic agents (Halothane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, Desflurane); Minute volume (MV) and Tidal volume (VT); Breathing frequency; Peak pressure, plateau pressure, mean pressure, PEEP; Patient compliance CPAT; Option: Functional oxygen saturation (SpO2)

    The Anaesthesia machine was tested with medical air and test lung and complete ventilation cycles were delivered.
    Our team of Qualified Biomedical Engineers ensure that the machine is in excellent working condition.
    Contact us today to learn more and get a personalised estimate for your requirements.
    Additional accessories and attachments can be provided upon request.
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