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Drager Infinity Delta Patient monitor with Drager SCIO CO2 module

Drager Infinity Delta Patient monitor with Drager SCIO CO2 module

The Monitor Includes:

  • Gas Module GS M1019A 

With the Delta multiparameter series of monitors, you can continuously monitor adult, pediatric and neonatal patients both at the bedside and on transport – eliminating the need for separate transport monitors. Supports all patient acuity levels hospital-wide.

Dräger Scio gas measurement modules deliver precise inspiratory and expiratory values for O2, CO2, and anesthetic agents. Agents are automatically recognized and results are transferred to a Dräger Infinity® patient monitor and displayed both in real time and as derived values. Sampled gas can return to the breathing system on Dräger anesthesia machines to help reduce agent waste and your environmental footprint.

Key Features:

Hospital-wide standardization With the Infinity Delta monitor series, standardization without compromise is a reality. Finally, all departments can have what they need to support their complete monitoring requirements – all with the same monitor. You determine your specific requirements, including parameter choices, waveform colors and positions, and alarm limits – either by patient or throughout your unit. Infinity Docking Stations can store these settings, so all monitors docked on them can reflect your configuration choices automatically. Because Infinity Delta supports all acute care environments, you can standardize on one monitor hospital-wide. The Delta has a 10.4” (264mm) color screen and displays 5 channels standard (up to 8 optional).

Pick and Go supports transport efficiency Infinity Delta and Delta XL incorporates Dräger’s patented Pick and Go® technology, which enables this bedside monitor to double as a transport monitor within the hospital. Infinity monitors provide seamless wiredto-wireless networking, so surveillance can be continuous. There’s no waiting for a transport monitor. No disconnection or reconnection of leads. No gaps in monitoring or data acquisition. As a result, all parameters that were monitored at the bedside can continue to be monitored on transport.

Parameters scale to the patient's needs Infinity Delta and Delta XL can display a full set of vital parameters – including 3-, 5-, 6- and 12-lead ECG, respiration, ST segment analysis, etCO2, BISx, EEG, multiple temperatures, invasive and non-invasive blood pressure and full arrhythmia. It can help improve efficiency with advanced respiratory mechanics measurements, vertical and horizontal cursors, and drug calculations.

Seamless wired-to-wireless networking Infinity Delta and Delta XL monitors can be networked, moving seamlessly from wired at the bedside to wireless for easy patient transport. Patient information collected at the bedside and on transport can flow through the Infinity Network to the Infinity Central Station for central surveillance and to the Innovian patient data management system for automatic charting. Infinity Delta and Delta XL supports a state-of-the-art wireless card that offers enhanced security (WPA2) and Wi-Fi (820.11g) technology for wider bandwidth. With Dräger, you can take advantage of the Infinity OneNet architecture – an innovative shared infrastructure approach that integrates patient monitoring systems into existing hospital-wide wired and wireless networks, rather than requiring a separate network.

The Monitor is in Excellent Condition.
Our team of product experts ensures that each system is in excellent condition and produces stunning images when tested with a telescope. Contact us today to learn more and get a personalized estimate for your needs. We are here to help you make the most informed decision for your medical equipment purchases in your budget.

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