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Drager Oxylog 3000 Ventilator

Drager Oxylog 3000 Ventilator

The unit includes the following:
  • Charger and Power Cord
  • Compatible breathing circuit.

The Oxylog 3000 offers high ventilation performance with features such as AutoFlow integrated capnography and non-invasive Ventilation, the compact and robust Oxylog 3000 helps you transport your patients safely and provides feedback on the correctness of intubation and ventilation effectiveness. The Oxylog 3000 plus gives you the confidence to master even the most demanding situations.

Ventilation Modes:

  • CMV/CMVAssist
  • SIMV, SIMVPsupp
  • PCV/ Psupp
  • Apnea Ventilation
  • CPAP/ Psupp
  • Non-Invasive

Why Oxylog 3000 Plus ventilator

Drager Oxylog 3000 Ventilator is designed to be used both in the hospital and outdoors. Its robustness and transportability in combination with the wide range of
ventilation modes and monitoring options support patient care and improved outcomes. No need to compromise in therapy performance, patient safety and transportability.

  • High confidence during transport
  • Wide range of ventilation modes and AutoFlow
  • Integrated capnography
  • Ready for pediatric patients
  • Automatic altitude compensation (BTPS)
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Advanced data export functionality

The unit Powers On and completes the Self Test
The unit is in Excellent Condition.
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