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Covidien/Valleylab Force FX8 Electrosurgical Unit

Covidien/Valleylab Force FX8 Electrosurgical Unit

The Covidien Valleylab FX8 is an energy source controlled by an electrosurgical unit. A true next-generation electrosurgical solution, the Valleylab™ FX8 energy platform is powered by our intelligent TissueFect™ tissue-sensing technology. The FX8 is the predecessor to the Medtronic Valleylab FT10 Energy Platform. The Valleylab energy source offers cut, coag, and soft coag modes. Additionally, the energy source provides shared coag, which allows two surgeons to work simultaneously on the same patient.

Valleylab Force FX8 Features:

  • The TissueFect™ system scans tissue resistance and adapts the characteristics of the applied energy 434,000 times/sec.
  • Adaptive system REM ™ (Return Electrode Monitor) – a system for tracking the scattering electrode of the patient.
  • Smart, simple, and intuitive interface.
  • Simple controls and information displays. The touch screen is divided into three zones for easy operation.
  • The flexibility of the Valleylab™ Exchange software update system allows you to update new features over the Internet.
  • Power management during unipolar energy delivery is five times better than the ForceTriad™ energy platform.
  • Provides stable and accurate unipolar and bipolar effects.
  • Allows you to use the Valleylab mode – the optimal combination of hemostasis and dissection. Using a lower energy level in Valleylab mode results in less heat spread and smoother tissue passage than in traditional coagulation mode.
  • Monopolar power management is five times better than the ForceTriad power platform.

Key Highlights

  • Valleylab mode provides a unique combination of monopolar hemostasis and division
  • TissueFect technology to ensure the precise energy is delivered for the correct type of tissue
  • Shared coag mode allows for two surgeons to work at once on a patient
  • Precise delivery of monopolar and bipolar energy
  • Power control during monopolar energy delivery that’s five times better than the Force Triad Energy Platform
  • Tissue monitoring that’s 2600 times faster than the Force FX Electrosurgical Generator

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