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Datex Ohmeda Aisys Anesthesia Machine

Datex Ohmeda Aisys Anesthesia Machine

The Aisys Machine includes the following:

  •  GE Datex Ohmeda B650 Anesthesia Monitor 
  •  GE E-CAIOV Module
  • GE E- Patient Data Module
  •  Datex Ohmeda Aladin2 Desflurane Vaporizer
  •  Datex Ohmeda Aladin2 Sevoflurane Vaporizer
  • Hoses (Air, Nitrous, Oxygen, AGSS)
  • Central Vacuum regulator and hose

Ventilation Operating Modes:

  • VCV (Volume Control Ventilator)
  • PCV (Pressure Control (Optional)
  • SIMV (Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation)
  • PSVPro with Apnea backup (Pressure Support with Apnea Backup) (optional)
  • SIMV-PC (Synchronized intermittent Mandator Ventilation with pressure control) (optional)
  • PCV-VG (Pressure Controlled Ventilation Volume Guaranteed) (optional)

The GE Aisys software is easily upgradable to enhance the functionality, add support, and enhance data management.

Flexible 7900 SmartVent technology is suitable for Neonates, Pediatric, Cardiac compromised, and standard cases.

ABS reduces circuit volume for faster response and optimized low-flow anesthesia.

Notification of spontaneous breathing: Patient-generated breaths will change pressure and flow waveform color for immediate clinician notification.

The anaesthesia machine was tested with medical air and test lung and complete ventilation cycles were delivered.
Our team of Qualified Biomedical Engineers ensure that the machine is in excellent working condition.
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Additional accessories and attachments can be provided upon request.
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